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Traditional Estate Sales

If you want to sell something it has to look good. Staging is key to a successful sale. Over a 1-2 week period my team and I clean, organize and price your belongings to maximize your profit.  We consitantly outperform other companies because of the focus we put on presentation and our research we can demand higher prices. After setup the home is open to the public to come and shop in person.

Online Sales

Many times a traditional estate sale is not an option. This might be because of not enough time, HOA restrictions, the condition of the home, lack of parking, personal preference or not quite enough stuff. The turn around time on these sales can be much faster. We can empty a home in under a week start to finish. We have a local facebook group with thousands of local buyers where we sell off you items! We also handle collections and partial liquidations.

A modern and compassionate approach to estate liquidation and downsizing.

        London Allen                     646-505-9872               

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