Q: Should I clean up before you come here?

A: Please don't! We can’t tell you how many times we have saved a valuable from the garbage. In fact, that is how I got started in the antique business! Dumpster-diving turned quite a profit for me as a teenager. There is almost no limit to what we have sold, from a ½ bottle of Windex to cars—and everything in between.

A: What do I do to prepare for the sale?

A: Clients should focus on removing financial documents, family photos and things they’d like to keep. Then leave the rest for us to handle. If we find any personal items as we set up, such as family photos or financial documents, they will be set aside for you before the sale. We ask you not to pack or organize items that are to be sold. We will stage the sale, and empty cabinets and drawers. There is no need to donate items before the sale; most items will sell and we can help with donations at the end of the sale.

Q: What happens to items that don't sell?

A: That is entirely your decision, but don’t worry—most things will sell. Many clients choose to have the space delivered empty and broom-clean. Remaining items are often donated to local worthy charities such as Haven Hospice or sold in a group to a further liquidator. Sometimes the remainders are consigned or sold online. We can discuss the options at the free consultation.

Q: How do you know what an item is worth?

A: Pricing items is about finding the sweet spot, the highest a buyer will actually spend. Pringing something hig does you no good if no one will pay for it. We focus on getting the maximum profit. To determine local market values, we rely on our decades of personal experience, access to databases of historic sold prices and our relationships with industry experts who have specialized knowledge.

Q: How does a sale work?

A: First, we do a free in-home consultation with you, then, once the contract is signed you will mark or remove items that won’t be included in the sale. At that point, we will sort, clean, price and stage the items. The sale, which lasts on average 2-3 days, will be advertised and promoted by us. After the sale you can arrange for us to deal the any remainders. Then we write you a check!


Timelines vary depending on the size and complexity of an estate but we can usually get a sale ready in under 3 weeks.

Q: Why should I hire London Bridge Estate Sales?

A:  According to feedback from both clients and customers we are one of the best companies around. Our sales are clean, organized and friendly. Our pricing maximizes profits for our clients. We also offer online sales for some high end items. We value our clients and their belongings and want to make the process as easy as possible.  Give us a call, you won't be disappointed. 

We are also experts at complicated estates. We have helped hoarders and estates that were closed up for years.

Q: How is London Bridge Estate Sales different from other companies?

A: We sell items on eBay when the online prices are well above what can be earned locally. This has allowed us to earn of client significantly higher prices for their belongings. We are the only local estate sale company that oferes this service, at no additional fee.

Additionally, for us, estate sales are about honoring a memory. Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or moving on to a new phase in life, we believe that the things people loved tell a story about them. And they deserve to go on to be loved and useful to others. We treat your home and belongings with the respect they deserve. We understand how challenging major life transitions can be—and we find fulfillment in helping ease people through changes. Our passion for what we do comes through in all aspects of our sales.